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Education in our city needs to include support at the city level (from the mayor, Common Council members, and other policymakers) for the implementation of restorative practices, the further reduction of school suspensions, the advancement of trauma-informed care training, and an increase in the number of mental health professionals in schools. The City of Buffalo needs to commit to funding public education directly, rather than relying on donations from the private sector for this public good.

  1. The City of Buffalo should increase funding to Buffalo Public Schools from zero dollars to $10 million to help advance restorative practices, trauma-informed care, culturally and linguistically responsive teaching, and whole child /whole school education, as well as to increase staff in music, art, libraries, and mental health.

  2. The Common Council should work with Buffalo Public Schools and other community organizations to provide education, networking, and support for restorative justice and health resources to communities.

  3. The Common Council should establish an education advisory committee with membership from the City, the Board of Education, parents, community members, and students. This committee will oversee the expenditure of the $10 million allocation.