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FAB Forum

  • El Museo 91 Allen Street Buffalo, NY, 14202 United States (map)

Frontline Arts Buffalo


El Museo: Legacy Night

91 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Thursday March 21, 2018


Mission Statement

What is FAB?

Frontline Arts Buffalo (F.A.B.) seeks to support frontline arts and cultural organizations of color in Buffalo in their transition from conditions of precarity to viability. We are a collaboration among artists, arts administrators, engaged citizens, justice advocates, and policy researchers.

FAB intends to call attention to the work that frontline arts institutions have done in the past and continue to do today. We maintain communities, contribute to society, and create culture, often with very limited resources and public recognition.


We want to engage the public in conversations about how to support these organizations and advocate for the importance of funding them in an equitable and sustainable way.


Planning A Change

Actions to Move it Forward (short term and long)

●      Host 4 community forums at 4 frontline arts organizations: Ujima Company, African American Cultural Center, El Museo, Locust Street Art

●      Collect and preserve oral histories in video interviews with key figures in frontline arts organizations, past and present

●      Collect  and document archival material on the history of frontline arts organization past and present

●      Record person stories and memories from community members involved with frontline arts organizations

●      Create a website hub for information about frontline arts organizations including the creation of a “digital museum” of archival materials to be shared by all

●      Analyze and publish our findings as a resource for future activities and campaigns


Join the Conversation

We’re discussing legacy, history, value, and precarity of Frontline Arts institutions (FA). Because this started as a conversation, we’ll be continuing in that spirit – approaching this theme as an open dialogue among our community of artists, participants, and cultural activists. We ask that you join us in a forum where we will remember, share, explore, engage and respond to these questions:

●       What is the role of FAs? What purpose do they serve?

●       How have FAs affected you and your family?

●       How do FAs sustain? Where does the funding come from?

●       What is your understanding of how FAs grow or fail to grow?

●       How does all of this impact artists and cultural activists? How are our practices affected by funding?

●       What are our legacies and practices of resourcefulness? Of manifesting abundance? Of cooperation, collaboration, and collectivity?

●       What would you like to see happen next?


We’ve got a lot to talk about! And over the course of the year – before, during, and after each forum – we’ll be holding space for collective learning around these questions. There are multiple pathways into this conversation:

●       Answer our request for archival materials by visiting our website to submit your items

●       Join the conversation by attending one or more of our community forums

●       Spread the word!


As we move into this conversation, we acknowledge the time and place in which we’re having it. In a country and economy built on the extraction of land and labor from its people through a myriad of forces – including colonization, slavery, the destruction of community ecologies. At a time when wealth inequality is soaring, when vast disparities exist along lines of race, gender, ability, citizenship. And within an ad hoc organization, Frontline Arts Buffalo, that affirms the value of artists’ and cultural activists’ work, that advocates for the equitable distribution of resources to cultural workers in the County of Erie and the City of Buffalo, and that includes a call for economic justice within our mission statement.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of collective, community learning – in preparation for collective, community growth.




Save These Dates!

March 21, 2019 - El Museo

April 6, 2019 - African American Cultural Center

May 5, 2019 - Ujima Company

June 30, 2019 - Locust Street Art

All events are also listed on our website.


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